Zach Ascot

1994 - United Kingdom

The Last Poem of 2020

Another step forward,
Another chance at bliss,
With enough self-belief,
To take a chance at this.

Dreams held close,
Beyond mind and etched on paper,
All to be chased,
But the pursuit of love was greater.

Blind faith had never felt so clear,
To love successfully demands the will to suffer,
Without truth there can be no everlasting joy,
And the strength to get tougher.

We’re all in motion,
It can’t be stopped,
Was this your time,
When the pendulum of fate dropped?

For the dreamers who outrun regret,
You have the power to choose,
For a dream you’ll do anything,
To learn and never to lose.

No matter what you endured,
There will be a flash in time,
When everything makes sense,
And life is sublime.

A year full of memories,
With enough self-love to cope,
The demons extinguished,
And a new future filled with hope.
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