Zach Ascot

1994 - United Kingdom

Hope Hill

The rain drains down the pane,
Falling faster,
Let the chaos reign.
The tired town strains but holds,
As a view of madness unfolds.

Staring outwards now enticed,
Restless hounds uneasy,
Clouds awake,
The downfall pours,
Streets empty as perceived,
A chance for solitary,
Your pain relieved.

Now hurry,
Be quick,
If you want this trance to stick.
Nothing hurts,
Nothing matters,
Even with your dreams in tatters.

Venturing out beyond all reason,
Embracing the lonely season.
Content with misery,
Legs beating down harder than the fall,
An incline slippery and steep,
As the world vanishes beneath your feet,
Consumed by clouds that weep.

Reaching the top wasn't worth the view,
A bleak outlook faces you.
Even though it hurts still smile,
As storms like these only last a while.
Make your way down,
Rejoin the town,
As if it never happened.
The rain will wash away your trace,
Leaving something new in its place.

A moment shared alone with the world,
In hope for a better tomorrow,
The clouds draw in,
Yet the rain still tumbles.

Zach Ascot
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