Yahaya Qasim

May 15, 1997- Ibadan
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So What!

So what? Even if I gather all the cakes of life,
And I eat with golden plate, spoon and knife;
My ride on Unicorns wouldn't stop the clock,
Even if I share with non from my luck.
So what? it's easier for a camel through the eye;
Than a rich man to make the kingdom of the sky.

Even if the dreary death will never desist,
From ending my breath; even if I resist.
Those who know me will know me no more;
When it sails me on an endless tour.
So, what? Death is not the end of my journey;
But a path, to an end sweeter than honey.

So What? if success never pays me a dime,
If I fail the same test a thousand time.
So what? If I fail to win another day,
For life isn't all bright and shiny like ray.
Even If I rise to fail again; I fail to rise again,
For failure is mere rail to success train.

What if those who I love are my foes?
If I give them my best from head to toes,
For an unrequited love. Even beg them to stay,
Yet, their utmost priority is to walk away.
What if they aren't destined for my days ahead.
So What? if I replace them with true pals instead.
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