Weston W. Rudel

Las Vegas, Nevada

Two Thumbs Up

The sense of feeling good emanates an aura of the
appearance of inward tranquility.

At that time the look is more expressive and can be
considered more reliable than words can tell.
It may be construed, as if it would be like speaking
a language, which is understood by all.

May I reiterate that the language itself is to be
interpreted by the appearance as the overall message is uttered.

We are all designed with this in mind...

By the one...the Creator to manifest a looked for
endeavor for the mood of Mother Earth's humanity.

Good habits, attitude, and at times being bigger than
life point to the most rewarding, generating energy to the
most positive, unquestioned endeavor.

Looking into the eastern sky the colorful rainbow is
slowly forming to vividly see.

With that to think of since it is the Celestial promise
for the age...it is thumbs up all the way!
A Meadowlark The Meadowlark is a harbinger of spring
That can often be seen quietly sitting on a post.
The Meadowlark knows it is soon time to nest.
For the well received warmth from the sun's
Rays gives it the necessary faith that spring
With all its glory will soon be here.
With a light heart we ask that the cold dreary
Days are past for the next two seasons.
So let the warmth of the sun inspire a reminder.
In the docile Meadowlark's message of wisdom --
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