Walter Enyeart

Mountlake Terrace, WA, USA

South Sea Spoof

"BERT" came up. Helped the roof
Leaks enough to water plants.
need-of-a-roof is bare proof;
Mid shingles and sun, we'll roof. Through this, why should I see thatch?
Something is wrong for this match,
With "Mansville," staples for catch,
My "Grass Shack" is from this batch. Trade some wind and gossamer sail.
Transfer this "shack" to palm trails;
Hibiscus and Orchids for ails.
With all my senses for bails. Canoes, exploring, found isles,
Mid-acific: heritage miles,
Tall cities from village and town.
My thatched shack is hid in renown. Tell, Polynesian, to me,
Of heritage far away
Of lore and sea creatures ways,
I'll muse again anyway. First morning I'll comb my strand.
Driftwood search my demand.
Coral! Shells! My sea-washed band.
Their wave-roll up splashed the land. By noon the fish will be down.
Challenge to eve's tidal bounds,
Can net me a catch for pounds;
A sea-meal with lemon counts. Sky, shore with palm trees too much.
My prone pencil has a bunch.
So it's line-smithing till lunch.
Then a nap; reading and such. Say, "Bert", half finished the roof.
I'm with a load for this spoof.
Out did the bidder, no goof.
I mused my "grass shack in proof.
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