Vishnu P. Joshi

Edison, New Jersey

Oh! Sweet America

Next to the Lord I love that land
The land of liberty, the jewel of pilgrim's pride.

A land; where George Washington fought,
A land; where Abraham Lincoln taught
Liberty, Justice, and Equality

A glorious heaven,
Where Japanese maples grow
A land, where Irish roses blow

A land; where lillies from Africa smile
A land of democracy, a beauty without a spot

Let the glory fill the sky, let thy freedom sing with joy
Let every child happily cry, Oh! sweet America.

Lord, ruler of America's mind,
Before thy throne we bow our humble head;
Bless America with thy infinite grace,

Let this nation be the medium of thy mercy;
Let this country be an instrument of thy wisdom.

In war and in peace let thy mercy serve thy will
Let thy might serve for justice, Equality, and Liberty.

From the cliffs of the Rockies the lightning's thunder;
From the banks of the Mississippi trees and birds twitter.

From the shores of Florida to the mountains of Alaska
Boys and girls are singing "Victory! Victory! to Thee!
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