Vishal Kapoor

October 26, 1995 - Delhi

Children Play

I was sitting under a tree on a sunny day,
while relaxing and watching some children play.

One kid stopped, joined me and I asked - "hey,
why did you stop performing in your play?"

He pointed at his family and replied - "they
saw me get injured so I'm taking rest for the day.
I'm not even feeling any pain, I just want to play.
But, they asked me to take rest so I'll just obey."

After listening to him I smiled and said - "Okay"
and started thinking about my own summer holidays,
days when we used to 'live' in the month of May.
Playing games with friends while shouting "YAY!"
Going to trips with family somewhere far away.
In June, we were focused on doing things our way.
No one liked to do their "holiday homework" survey.
But, Mom always reminded us to complete it every day.
In the end, completing it quickly after a long delay.
By copying some of the topper's projects and essays.
Going back to school after refreshing summer holidays,
and meeting like the first time we saw each other's face.

Those days we didn't care about looks or how much we weigh.
We said anything that our hearts wanted to say.
Then, why are we worried about every move we take today?
Do you think believing in our instincts make us sway?

Is having a family not enough for us to thankfully pray?
They guide us when we're "injured" in our rough "play."
Are we still not young kids for them till our last day?
They want us to be happy without having us to pay.
So, in the painting of our life if we want some ideas to spray,
pick any colour from the palette except black or grey.
We'll do this for them, this responsibility we should lay
because they're the reason every year you celebrate your birthday.

The reply of the 'kid' still forms a question in some way.
Why can't we live our life like some children play?


Time: 2:16am
Date: 28th March 2019


*Only toppers can't relate to the holiday homework part.

injured - When we get hurt from inside

play - The events we lose

black or grey - Negative ideas

kid - The kid I met at the beginning of the poem

like some children play - Ignoring the pain and focusing on doing what they love
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