Victor Ambiguo

November 11, 1999
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Daytime Torment

Such loudness is the king of day
Above the sky. Oh, what a noise!
No whiskey can subdue his pain
As sun rays cry like feral boys

When daylight rains, it pours for sure
When green trees sway, they breathe like trolls
His head pounds on, it begs for thoughts

Nature screams
But most don’t know that
Branches squeak with whistling leaves
And squirrels do munch, they crunch their nuts
Not so loud! Not so much!
Alright, stop!
Enough stimulus!

Clenching ears with fingers wrapped
Sealing eyes as lashes smack
With total force for visions black

A dark blue sea that bathes the night
Accompanied by some fireflies
The stars and sky, they write these lines
But burning bright
The Sun cries “No!
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