Vicky L. Stoner

San Pedro, California, USA

With Innocence Gone

Surviving not in the adult world of
broken promises
Are the childhood dreams and little
girl wishes.
Once undaunted by the adult's world
of cold indifference...
Being protected by the magical charm
of childhood innocence...
Having been raised on fairy tales, happily
ever after, and dreams-come-true glory,
She enthusiastically went about
composing her life's story.
Simplistically accepting life like the
changing of a season,
Honestly believing in the rule, nothing
happens without reason.
to see her goals obtained and her
dreams fulfilled.
A happy life for herself, she planned
to build.
But over time, out of balance the
scales did tip...
Allowing failure, heartbreak, and
insecurity through her life to rip.
Trying not to give up, she held on
to what she believed...
Only later to find out how badly she'd
been deceived.
Facing maturity, broken promises
shattered dreams, and how the years
have caught up with her...
She gives up, her innocence now gone,
she stops believing in happily ever after.
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