Vernetta Elliott Gaines

Dallas, TX, USA

Which Way Black America

Which way Black America, where do we stand?
Do we fall and crumble to ignorance, or we stand up and be men. Do we continue to develop our usable skills?
Or do we rely on drugs in a world unreal. Drugs, crime, media, prison, reform;
There is so much that’s needed to be done. We can only be as strong as our weakest link;
So let’s begin to stop and to think. With personal commitment and organization;
We can benefit ourselves as well as our nation. Our struggle is both domestic and international;
Though some may I’m being irrational. In South Africa Blacks struggle, in Brazil and Sudan;
The struggle is global and includes every man. We have always been able to overcome, and achieve our goals;
But only through travel down some rough bumpy roads. It’s been proven that we can endure.
So just where do we go from here? We’ll keep our strength we will not break;
We’ll decide now which road to take. The answer is both your commitment and mine;
It’s been around since the beginning of time. The solutions we are seeking for our problems to be solved;
Is for each and everyone to determinedly resolve. To always be willing to become involved. Black American, what’s in store?
The answer is to always do just a little bit more.
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