Vania Lara

August 2006
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But For Me… It Was Magic

Everybody scuttled around in panic,
All alarm clocks go off as if possessed by some sort of magic.
I wake up to the noise and the brawl
For me, it was just another crazy day in the wormhole.
A family trip to a tourist site,
Ethereal feelings of pleasure, bring it might.
But for me, it would be just another crazy night.
A museum to revive the glory of the past.
I see walls decked with emotions that ever last.
Yet for me, they were just an unruly mix of colours splashed.

More magic to behold in the eyes of the living than in the works of those long gone by.
My attention diverted to the sparkle in a child’s eye.
Within the white walls, so mundanely pristine,
Her innocent mind unable to discern the adult’s fascination for the concoction of colours
Likes of which, she everyday gifts her mother.
For me, a memory hitherto hidden away, rediscovered.
A sorrow awakens,
A twilight existence of grief and isolation.
Her sparkling eyes, I could see.
Her skin so soft and delicate, I could feel.
For me, a transient memory of those moments, so surreal.
This overwhelming feeling of pain, I cannot bear no matter how hard I try.
I rush out into the dark night and sit on a bench under the star studded sky.
Tears flow down my moonlit face as I cry inconsolably.
But as I cry, I hear a voice
It was my magical little darling.
She whispers into my ears “Hecate, please stop hurting”
“I will be with you everyday as you enjoy the sunlit mornings”
For me, that moment battered the walls that had so long kept imprisoned, all of my sad thoughts.
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