Thomas Wayne Foreman

Blessings Compare

An opening of heart left somewhat ajar
Amatory blessings in healing upon a sounding afar

Satin whispers carry in violet dream
Lacings of gold layering in continual stream
Challenge in mysteries carry upon flight
Secret illusions lend in candlelight

An emissary gentle treads the many paths of our darkening rainbow
I started after her & my body was obliged to follow
She is my muse envisioned in filling desire
Sunlit lovers in immortal transpire
Points of light glisten within her hair & all through her gown of flowing silk
Slowly she lifts her head
Allowing silver streaks to rise unto the void as floating candles
They drift on as God led
Affixing themselves to the ceiling of night-sky parables

I shall see the moons secret face & lose myself in the loneliness of the stars
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