Taylor CoolBeans

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I look into my mirror, the same mirror I look in every day
I am so scared to meet my own eyes, but I can't help to do so
The dread I feel as I stare into my own eyes
My cold blank dead eyes

I feel as though, at that moment, I can't run from myself
I finally have to face who I am
I feel as if I'm forced to look deep into who I am
In my forced self-recollection, I question who I even am

I seemed as not to know who I am
I am lost and searching for back
A way back to reality, but my reality is not a reality
For it's a made up world that I can't bring myself to leave

In my made up world, I don't care what other people think of me
In my made up world, no one can hurt me
In my made up world, I am strong
But the mirror shatters my world

The mirror snaps me out of my fantasy
At that moment, I see the world my eyes have been cursed upon
Not the sugar-coated world I thought I saw
And I cannot bare to see it

The mirror brings out the worst in me
I am engulfed by my fears
How I wish I could look away
But I am paralyzed by my own gaze
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