Sylvia Ashley

Danville, Iowa

Silence Can Be Company

Things that cannot talk, can still give comfort.
Like watching your favorite bloom turn into a flower,
And the old family dog, who cannot speak,
But yet, understand, for one harsh word,
Will make him cringe and cower.

A setting sun, with white fluffy clouds,
And the roll of the ocean, with crests breaking clean,
While the imprints of sea creatures,
Are left clearly to be seen.

Sometimes the touch of a friendly hand,
when given in an hour of need,
Can be of great comfort, yes, indeed,
For one small action, if it be kind,
Touches the spirit, soul, and the mind.

All silence is not good, for speech is silver,
And a fact, that silence is gold,
May I point out, without being bold.
That as God created speech,
In order that Jesus of Nazareth,
Could preach and teach,
So we have wealth of silver and gold,
In many earthly things, some of which are untold.
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