sundas ansari

September 25, 1991-Rawalpindi

Soulless Soles

The soulless hearts, the soulless words, the soulless dreams I have seen them all
All of thee what inspire me the most are the soulless soles
The little feet cantering away
Toe to heel they sway they sway
From stone to glass, from road to weeds
They step on all as a king on his steeds

Skin burnt to coal hands ragged to holes
But what is beneath those little soles
The blades of grass cant mark them the shards of glass cant harm them
They are earth above earth and stone upon stone
Unmarked unharmed the soulless soles

Every flesh with soul get stain, feel pain
Every but hearts of stone
What intrigue me are the static soles
The world leaves no mark on them all
How come God made those radiant souls?
The eyes of hunger, the face raw as straw
The hearts of soul but with soulless soles

The soles courageous as a soldier’s valor
The sword that splits the earth's face
The treasure of the poor a prince can’t earn
The pride of the feet that feel no burn
The irony, the miracle, the nature or all
That God created them with soulless soles
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