Femme Mcbridge

Chennai. October 5,1980
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Dream in me

Sun, loafing on the sky,
Clouds gazing at the angelic meadows,
Dew drops all set to be soaked,
Birds tweeting and chirping to sing the morning glory,
Kindled my heart to set off the dream in me,
To set my mind to banter with my voice.
The voice of my pen whispered,
Beckoning me to travel beyond,
"Time traveling is that easy ? " I queered,
" Sluggish time holds no hand,
Voice of words are always eternal,
May the Kaleidoscope of heartbeat be your words,
Untie your closed eyes and embrace the change,
Time never embraces us,
We have to embrace time,
Make the magical moments on our favours,"
My sweet voice of pen proclaimed.
Armored up I write this thee,
Let us make the change,
And start it with thy.
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