Femme Mcbridge

Chennai. October 5,1980
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Biography of Femme Mcbridge

I am christened as Srividhya.Sivaramrishnan. Having born in a south Indian orthodox family, becoming an ESL teacher was a closed road. To top it up, writing poems and stories was destined to be behind the veil. My poems and writings are my best pals as they accept me as destined and created by God. I love to boast about being an dynamic English Facilitator who is committed to inculcate passion for life long learning, creating multicultural awareness through fundamentals of English Language. My philosophy of teaching is no different from philosophy of learning. To foster 21st century skills and not be a nuts-and bolts transference of facts. I ensure this by using my edged curriculum that is embedded with the application of learning theory developing growthcognitively. Enlivening Classrooms promote active learning- includes guides to using social media in the classroom, how to command the attention of students, how to "flip" your classroom, how to teach for "deep learning," and more.