Femme Mcbridge

Chennai. October 5,1980

Cupid’s drive

Silence of love soaked night,
Rain-bowed the kiss of blanket sky,
Starry stars were note taking the love,
Of scarred beautiful moon,
Admiring the beauty of lovely earth,
Vibrant vigorous vibe filled the air,
Made me uncomfortably comfortable in foyer,
Mistakingly missed myself,
Thanks to the uncanny behavior of yours.

Yours eyes deep down read the unread,
Bespoke your emotions unexpressed poke,
Tongue refused to roll for words,
Blocking and blackening my mind,
My Heart hopped and leaped ,
Like an expecting frog prince,
Awaiting for his magical kiss.

Ohh baby! Look into my eyes,
Tell me if this is what falling for a person looks like,
Running out of words,
But I want to really say this,
I want to live my life with you and only you,
Exploring life with lust free love,
Skies, air and earth are cheering us,
Come let us parade with love’s naked eye.
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