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October 16, 1999- India
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Save Me

It is a chronicle of Inconsequencial deliberations.
Like the colourless mist diminishing into eternity.
Like the sundial's arms trudging towards the disconsolate reality,
Or a dying amaranth set alight by the crackling inferno of agony.
It is a neverlasting symphony tinted with colouration from all the fragments of my heart.
Where all my Incarcerated sentiments held as the prisoner of my mind.
The lamp of erudition and amour and the silver lining In this labyrinth of my undying faiths,
Viciously drowns in this ocean of my extinguished faiths.
And wretches my implausible soul with exorbitant heartbreak and remnants of torment.
Save me, from this Blue and Grey echoes of the abyssopelagic world
Save me,
Right before I collapse into this netherworld lumbered with desolation.
All my daydreams blatantly erased like Ivory-smoke
From this sanctuary of my latent hallucinations,
Never to be felt again, Never to be sighted again.
You lacerated my freedom, shattering the wings of gold in shackles of darkness.

Blinding my eyes to the beckoning call of quadriplegic sacrifices,
Dominating all my deeds like dwelling in a marionette's realm,
You ensheathed the luminiferous stars of the universe within me with ephemeral darkness.
Save me, from the battlefield of the devil and the blues,
Save me, As I'm out of the waft I came up to breathe.
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