Snakes And ladders



I had a little crush
On a guy I thought was perfect
Never thought I’d make a first move
But then it just so happened
That I did
We met up when I saw him
We laughed we talked we got home
He kissed me softly
He held me in his arms
Next week he started texting
Calling me baby girl and princess
Telling me he loved me
Saying he’d never hurt me
A week later I see him
I smile he makes me happy
He meets a girl at a random bar
He forgets about me
He stops loving me
He tells her that he never cared about me
I see him a day later
We fuck and he leaves
Something’s off
He calls up the same girl
And does it again
He gets home and texts me
I love you
I hear about this
He denies all the rumours
I almost believe him
Until i realise
He never liked me in the first place
He played me since the first day
I can’t keep a guy for over a week
Cause some random sket
Is just better than me
I would have made him happy
He doesn’t even miss me
And while I’m crying over him
He doesnt care
I wish I could just tell him
How much I miss him
How much it hurts
Ask him why he lied to me
What was the point
How is he so heartless
How did he change his mind so fast
Why her why not me
What did I do wrong
Seeing him with another girl
Would break my heart
I want him to hold me one last time
The taste of gum, a certain song
Brings back all the memories
You said I was perfect
You were in love with me
So that was the end to my little crush
And the start to my first heartbreak
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