Snakes And ladders


I don’t get it- 1/20

I don’t get it
I don’t get the point of life
I feel like a genuine person
Yet doesn’t everyone feel like that
If everyone’s a genuine person
why am I hurt
I don’t do anything bad to people
But doesn’t everyone have that mindset
Maybe I am bad
I just don’t realize it
Maybe people see me different
To how I see myself
Otherwise what’s the explanation
Everything happens for a reason
Someone greater is controlling me
Controlling what happens to me
Why would they want to hurt me
Did I do something wrong
I don’t believe in evolution
I believe that if we were created
By something greater
Why would we not be made perfect
Why would we be made to
Hurt each other
Why would some people be given
More and others less
The only explanation is that
The greater power wants us to get hurt
He wants us to feel like this
Because if you create something
You are always in control of it
If you have made a brain you know
What it will do
Therefore I’m hurt for a reason
The planet is a cruel place
Everyone is united by the feeling
The feeling of pain
Some situations worse than others but
The feeling is the same
In my mind we are all puppets
And someone is watching us
Hurting us and laughing
When did everything get so out of hand
Everyone have hidden intentions
That’s why I like broken people
Broken people have processed this
And they understand me
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