Sharon Morgan

October, 1962 - (London)
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When Grenfell Fell

Can you remember the day before the morning after?
When the clock kept ticking, the hours went by;
When your tasks were planned for the day;
Children getting ready for school
Parents getting ready for work
Families getting ready for holidays
Bills to pay, friends to meet, places to visit
Flats to clean when you have a flat.
Is it now a distant memory?

Can you remember when your neighbour who lived two floors down
knocked on your door to borrow your drill
As you were that close
And time and again, you would borrow from him?
When you had a neighbour
When your new neighbour invites you in for tea?
When they had a home
Is it now a distant memory?

Can you remember that neighbour opposite who gave you no eye contact?
Who would have thought that you would now stand together fighting to survive?
When now nothing else mattered but to get out alive
Can you remember the day before, the morning after?
When Grenfell fell, it took a part of you
Now to rebuild brick by brick
The process will be slow, to build a new life
But it is not impossible to do.
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