Sharon Morgan

October, 1962 - (London)
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My God remember me

When my beating heart refuses to beat
And the breath of life proceeds to leave,

My God, I beg that you please,
Please remember me.

As a product of your works
You made me, me

I am unique, a person,
As you can see,

With the power to pray, love, and speak,
Now with this God-given power,

I say, please remember me

I pray for those who miss me
That time for them will not freeze,

But that life without me will go on,
And each day, they'll find strength,

As time makes them strong

While I look forward to all that you have in store for me
A world with no barriers to security

A world without suffering, sickness, or pain
A world where everyone will smile again.

Until then
I leave my loved ones in your care,

Please support and rebuild them while they are still here
Help them each day to see,

That one day, they, too, will be able to say,
“My God, remember me.”
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