Sharon Morgan

October, 1962 - (London)
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How my heart does pour with the blood of you
No bandage can stop you from seeping through
You have forcibly held me against my will
With a gaping hole too deep to fill

You have nurtured an existence, so solitaire
One starved of affection, in need of care
Quiet is my enemy, loud the ticking clock
Urging my life to take stock

The pulling of the curtains is the highlight of my day
Street conversations, a glimpse of children at play
At the bottom of the well, high above a speck of light
But it is too high to climb, no ladder insight

Solitude has wrapped its wings securely around my heart
I long for the day when its wings I will set free
To cause it to fly far away from me
To close my void of loneliness and misery.
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