Saumya Dwivedi

September 5, 1998- India


We are apart,
But I always think about you.
There weren't any day,
That I have missed a thought about you.

Your small things are comforting,
Your smile, your laugh and even your small finger,
Its like a strom hitting my heart,
And buring me with pleasure.

The truth then takes me with surprise,
Its just me but where are you?
The sorrow fills my heart,
That its not me but always you.

Crying for months and months non stop,
Feeling of helpless is what I thought.
The love I have for you was unimaginable,
But looking in your eyes is what I ought.

Just holding your hand for once,
Would have made me believe in me.
But the truth then takes me with surprize,
And I realize its only you, not me.

Its a feeling not a thought,
There maybe many girls in love with you.
But maybe a love like mine,
Is perhaps incomplete without you.

I don't know what my fate is.
Maybe "you and me" is possible someday,
But then damn, its the truth that took me by surprise,
Though I hope, it'll be true oneday.

Sometimes in my dreams,
We are together on a date at the beach.
Another day we are at a movie theater,
But the truth struck hard, you are an IDOL and I'm just a girl in a deep wrench.

The sadness eats me from within,
My heart longing for your attention.
Tears running down my cheek as I write,
It is some sort of an awful indetermination.

I hope we were not apart,
But beside each other.
But you are and IDOL,
And I am just like another.
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