Sandra Gowin

May 11,2000- Jawor
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Broken and Gone

Do you ever wonder what’s it really like?
You know feeling like you’re always in the dark.
You go through life
desperately avoiding cuts from a knife.
Of course, you fail.
Grasping for air you once inhaled.
It’s like you’re stuck in time
You think ‘was anything ever mine?’
The emptiness inside you grows stronger
Till you cannot take it any longer
Alongside that, comes pain
You feel like you’re going insane.
Furthermore, in that moment your eyes stop lying
They scream “help me, my soul is dying!”
Yet, nobody notices
Nobody at all
They laugh while watching you fall
So, you slowly keep dying
By this time, you already stopped trying
Your soul, your spirit
Broken and gone
So, forgive me for leaving
but the world will still be the same, when I’m not breathing.
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