Sanda May Benlien

Eureka, California

The Beautiful Pink Swan

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful pink swan.
She had broken a wing and could not fly.
All alone in the forest, she felt sad.
Snow was all around her.
She walked with her webbed feet,
she could feel the warmth of the sun on her feather wings.
What's that? She said,
as she notices a bright gleaming sparkle
that shines through the tree limbs like beautiful diamonds.
It was the winter sun that hit the frozen lake.
I can't fly said; the beautiful pink swan. But, I can skate on the ice!
So she jumps on the ice with her feather wings stretched out.
Turning three times.
Skating with grace with love in brace from the warmth of the sun.
She jumps high in the air to twirl and turn.
As she tucks her one leg around her head, as she gracefully turns.
'O' what grace, as the beautiful pink swan glided across the ice to turn into a beautiful princess. At that moment a reflection from the ice stood a handsome prince
to draw her close to him from the touch of his hand.
The outstretched wings of the beautiful pink swan reflection
the ice a pure white gown that sparkle with gleam from the ice.
Such beauty and grace remind me of beautiful-"Oksana Baiul"-
as she skated and won the gold.
She reflected the ones beautiful pink swan that change into a beautiful princess!
A children's poem.
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