Sam Cain


Let me take you
Put your hand in mine: in all softness and frankness:
And let us dance
Spin and flurry through a world of white, lavender, gorgeous scarlet, vigorous cerulean-
The wind our friend, our toes like feathers

Prancing across earth
Held to each other only
by our very fingertips
Never afraid of letting

We’re in a forest of orange
bright gold in the sky
Floating toes brushing only air
Soft leaves shroud our heads
we’re blind to everything else
Your lips curl in pure joy, they spill staccato laughter
:music to my ears:
In this moment, in this breath, we are
Nothing else.
Saw the sun and the moon one and the same
Eclipses of light spanning the entire ocean
It was a world above heaven

I saw
Hair flying- your locks heavy with shadow and glimmering with light
Face carved from the most
Of nature’s birth and bloom
My eyes tracing your steady legs and gentle hands- to rest on
your time-stopping; shattering; heartbreakingly beautiful:

We took off
To a world we had never seen; of new colors and jumping sounds and daunting heights and terrifying speeds;
Look at all this sky! Look at all our freedom! Why search for ground if we weren’t ever to land?
We could go anywhere in the universe- you and I! All of this boundless, endless space!
Let us wrack and demolish to shards, those chains that bound us to the ground-
and let us fly free, free, free-
Just you and I-

we are

The sky is iridescent above the clouds
before our clear gazes
I see your face
as beautiful
as pure
as I remember it;
as our hair
tangles in the wind;
and our essence becomes


follow me, my dear.

Follow me as we


softly tattering into pieces and slivers and smudges
unravel into a thousand petals
a flurry of pieces that used to be ourselves,
resting on the ground like fallen feathers----

come back


our wings have died

our legs have crumbled

my eyes have weathered away

and my fingers have gone,

i can no longer see or feel your

beautiful, beautiful face or hair or hands

Ah, can you feel it?
Can you feel the darkness?
It’s closing in, it’s swallowing us whole,
The point of no return with no choice but to end
Darkness has chased us in
Only black oblivion waits

but i won’t forget

not in my last moments of existence

and not to the death of my sentient memory

i will


forget you

your laugh

your flying hair

your sparkling eyes

even if all ends

even if

i die.

(do you regret it, my dear?
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