Salome M. Soriano

Eagle Rock, CA, USA

America The Beautiful

'Twas in my childhood days of yore
When I had hopes and fondest dreams
To set my foot on distant shore
America, our vision and our realm With such magnificent obsession
Lucky am I for its realization
That indeed this land of freedom and liberty
Is worthy of my love, my praise and dignity America, the land of milk and honey
Has its unparalleled generosity
Embracing all peoples 'round the continent
Regardless of their creed, their color and intent I praise thee most beloved country
Of thy strength thy fame and thy beauty
That even though strangers here abound
Fairness to all is surely found I know not when I'll be homeward bound
To my country where I first saw the dawn
So a pray'r for you is all I give
That the American Dream can be achieved
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