Sagar Mistry

July 19, 1993 - New Delhi
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Our New Gods

We hold new gods in our pockets safe and sound,
Forgetting what the world is, no looking around;
A god buzzing our lives with all sorts of sounds,
Keeping us busy, as the Earth makes rounds;
We know not what the person beside us feels like,
But we surely know, how much the market hiked;
Forgetting to communicate with the ones in front of our eyes,
Staring so hard to get a connection in the skies;
We see the world now from someone else’s view,
Never caring to notice, what around us is new;
We ignore the real world, nodding to unheard words,
Living in small cages, with wallpaper of free birds;
Forgetting to sing songs, that we sometimes used to hum,
Seeing million posts in our feed, slowly we’ve gotten numb;
Every god has a limit of its own in its might,
And not every use of a thing, is completely right;
Coz excess of anything is worse than you know,
So look around for the charms that the real world holds,
Instead of a new god, with a screen that folds;
So raise your heads and bow no more,
To a something that’s just there to ease up your chores;
Coz no matter how close you feel with that meme,
But a tight real hug is way better than it seems;
So connect with the world, and real one at that,
And stop living your life on Insta and SnapChat…
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