S. Taylor Chew

January 14, 1988 - Memphis, TN
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Out in the Middle

My lever keeps getting lower
Pushing it down
Day by day

I’d say I could try and get over
Pushing myself
Out of the way

I think I’m just scared
So I start staying busy
I’m a bee in the hive
I’m the choke on the levee

I’m in a weird spot
I can’t really explain it
Out in the middle
Stuck, alone, and waiting

I put myself here
My decisions made this
High and directed

Foolishly impulsive
Unimaginably unimpressive
Mask: calm and collected

All I can feel is a low buzz
I’m the light at the end of the hall
Barely hanging on
Afraid of failing, missing the call

I’m in the rain storm
And I can’t breathe
I could be surrounded by others
But I wouldn’t know
Because I can’t see past me
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