S. Taylor Chew

January 14, 1988 - Memphis, TN
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Biography of S. Taylor Chew

Born in Memphis, my family lived in southeast Arkansas for the first two years of my life. Soon after, we moved to central Mississippi where I’ve spent the majority of my life. I grew up surrounded by music and literature. I find shelter, comfort and safety in these places. I have two siblings. Both my mother and father are still alive. My father lost his sight in my early teen years, shortly after my paternal grandfather passed. I’ve been diagnosed with the same genetic condition as my father and grandfather, the condition that took my fathers sight and contributed to my grandfather’s death. As a result, I myself have had two cerebellar brain surgeries. You’d never know it unless you saw my two scars on the back of my head. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. They keep me inspired and always on my toes. Our house is often full of loud music and dancing, laughing and singing, and quiet times with our books. I’ve also recently been diagnosed with bipolar II. It’s given me a good handle on my feelings and retrospectively examining who I am and why I do the things I do or have done.