Rukudzo Kachambgwa

March 04, 1997-Zimbabwe
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Everything Kills

Know this one truth, that anything
And everything can kill you.
If you're not careful
You might hurt yourself badly
Because surely, there's nothing in the world
That can't hurt you.
Even drinking water once it passes along the wrong path
Could kill you.
Even the sadza that you eat everyday
Once injested badly, could kill you.
Even the rain that produces your annual harvest,
Could pour in cyclones and wipe the whole village away.
The cow that tills your soil, could one day rebel and gorge your intestines out.
The leader whom you hang pictures of on your wall, could send special operatives knocking on your door at midnight.
And the birds that dance freely in the sky, might bring down a Boeing.
You think bear won't murder you?
You think you can have more than enough wives or husbands and survive for long?
Do not assume that i intent
To make fear your companion.
You still don't believe in a miracle?
Everything kills.
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