Rukudzo Kachambgwa

March 04, 1997-Zimbabwe
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When I was a little child, I looked at stars often
I liked the way they shone.
Daddy taught me that, a group of stars is called a constellation.
But I had but one star
and it shone in the East
day and night.
My mother told me that,
whenever I felt lost
I should look up into the sky, at my star, and it would
guide me home.
But my star died, and its shine was gone
I felt lost, for a long, long time.

When I grew up, I had but two stars.
I found them one day when you set your eyes on me
and I never understood why I felt childlike,
whenever I was with you.
Little did I know that, it was your eyes.
The way they shinned, like my star
so bright.
Whenever I felt lost
I just looked into your eyes
and always they would guide me home.
But no matter how bright they shinned,
your eyes never died,
and soon enough I had three stars,
the other was …

As we grew older, I had seven stars
But I needed them not to find my way home,
because they became our home.
And the other four, shone just like you
like your eyes.
And I watched them grow, day and night
year after year
and you made them grow
and you made me grow
into a shinning star
your shinning star.
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