Roxana Darvish

December 2, 1997
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A requiem for love

To find a trace of your tender touch,
I'd shatter my own heart;
I look back with a depth of despair,
to see why we are apart.

Was it all my fault;
Or our love was simply done?
Was the fault yours?
Or the hateful world once again won?

The only thing I'm sure of,
Is how my love for you was humble and true,
You don't feel the same for me,
'Cause your reasons for love with time flew

Pleasure and sorrow is mine,
The legacy of our unfortunate love.
Once I had the luxury of your arms,
Now I fight to keep our memories, my dove.

But this love deserves closure,
I'm not asking for a final chance.
Perhaps a moment of silence,
Perhaps just a simple glance.
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