Robert Mestre

Prejudice And Stereotypes

All Asians know karate, and eat raw fish,
Chitlins and collard greens are Blacks favorite dish,
The Irish are nothing but wife beaters and drunks,
And don't turn your back on those Spic thieving punks,
Italians, even women, are short, fat, and hairy,
Rednecks practice incest and are children when they marry,
French people smell, the girls dont shave their pits,
And all Jews are greedy though they're all filthy rich,
All East Indians own gass stations or convenience stores,
All Americans are fat and their women are whores.

Doesn't this sound stupid when it's being read?
So think how it sounds when it's being said!
Better yet, how would it feel if said about you,
your family, your friends, or just someone you knew?

Now multiply that by everyone that they know,
Soon you would cover the entire globe,
Do you see what I mean, do you get what I'm saying?
One little comment, and the whole world is paying!
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