Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Yes I'm a Billionaire - in Trumps own words

They say I inflated
It's they that conflated
Political lies with their version of facts.

The mess they created
Will long be debated
Another attempt to silence and styme.

As often I've stated
Which leaves them frustrated
I'm worth every cent of the Billions I claim.

The reason I'm fated
And by some surely hated
Is my obvious success and the money I make.

Letitia's now grated
Quite a bit aggravated
That her bark is so hollow with clearly no bite.

Not one to be intimidated
My strength celebrated
Let them throw what they will and watch it dissolve.

My lawyers are rated
This case armor plated
Watch these bogus new charges soon dissipate.

In the meantime I've slated
For the fans I've created
More rallies to drive my winning points home.

I'm buoyed and elated
Evermore motivated
For the White house to bask in my presence once more.
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