Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Watching them cringe - in Trump's own words

Assailed, maligned, hounded and betrayed
And all for why, simply for the game I played,
My aim to win but of course the lefties don't agree,
Their views alone are all they ever want to see.

Control and power their only final goal,
That's why I say it was they that really stole
All those elections across our glorious land,
They and the Media, such a sordid little band.

But that didn’t suffice, so why not start an inquisition,
From which to shout their nonsensical position,
Naming me for causing all that mayhem,
Their fear so clear, but can you truly blame them.

Little they know their knife is blunt and brittle,
Their constant jabs hurting me so little,
Look at the polls, Americans know better,
A few drops may hit but I assure you they'll get wetter.

As they saying goes 'What doesn't kill me makes me stronger'
In Biden’s state he won’t go that much longer,
And then Kamala, do you really want that Dame
Sitting in the White House when all she wants is fame?

Let them try for what possibly might stick,
Not recalling that my tongue is equal to my kick,
If you don't believe it just listen every day,
For their only news is everything I say.

The media froths at every twist and turn,
The stake well-lit awaiting me to burn,
And yet I soar above their shrill and deranged noise,
Watching them cringe is one of life's unending joys.
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