Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Watch me in action until he departs - in Trump's words

The more I think the more I'm sure
The odds were stacked as all can see,
The Media's rotten to the core
At least on that we should agree.

But two years on what do you think,
Did sleepy Joe succeed or fail,
I hear so many took to drink
Watching the saga of Dither and Flail.

Afghanistan, Russia, Inflation and Gas,
Just a few things that mark his mishits,
And yet that same Media gave him a pass
Altering headlines until something fits.

COVID aside he can't catch a break
Even his wife is shaking her head,
She tells us he's fine, really awake,
He's just been unlucky, with good times ahead.

I'm just sitting back enjoying the show,
Getting some laughs, spreading the word,
Watching frustration evermore grow,
Promises plenty, all action deferred.

Not long now to wait, November's next door,
We'll take back both houses and that's where the fun starts,
Of my own aspirations, patience for more,
But watch me in action until he departs.
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