Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Twitter's Aflutter

Twitter's aflutter with Trump's missing tweets,
The window the measure of how his heart beats,
Half of the tweeters relieved beyond words,
The other half chirping like a flock of lost birds.

On one hand the world has lost a pastime
On the other the message is clearly sublime,
Words matter they echo, incite and inflame,
If used to promote ideas clearly lame.

Free speech isn't free when used to disrupt,
The tool of all those who seek to corrupt,
A fine line however to walk and uphold,
For those who control lest dissent they blindfold.

The lessons are many, solutions far less,
In our age of fixation with tweets to excess,
Time to consider, pause and renew
Our search for the truth and the clutter cut through.
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