Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Social Media here I come - in Trump's own words

I won't be muzzled or silenced
My words will be heard,
The fake Media's so biased
Their coverage absurd.

They spew venom against me
My followers trashed every day,
Yet on this they all seem to agree
Without Trump the bills they can't pay.

With this said and done I got thinking
Why not to control all the news,
This notion gave me the inkling
Build a site to champion my views.

Big and bold, full of stuff
To ensure all my fans are amused,
Talk to be straight, words sometimes gruff
Content to keep all the lefties bemused.

What a great thought, can't wait to start
With this I'll conquer the Earth,
Twitter's old news, I'll tear them apart
Shredding their reach from my turf.

As to the others, what can I say
Watch the real Master perform,
All they can do is whimper and pray
Then hide from my beautiful storm.
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