Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Obama’s my weapon. In Biden’s own words

Folks say I'm struggling
That I'm old and confused,
They don't see all the haggling
Which leaves them bemused.

My colleagues are wordy
My enemies too,
But my willpower is sturdy
As I'm all for the Blue.

If now a bit slower
Even friends I seem faze,
But post Trump the bar's lower
And that's my fail safe.

The Media's a pain
What's with the shouting,
I shan't play their game
Their continual doubting.

Then there's old Bernie
And his Marxists galore,
With their bone headed journey
To simply point score.

Republicans matter not a bit in my mind
Obstructive and loudly they wail,
But Politics taught to never be kind
So let them act up and sullenly rail.

As to the Trumpers, what can I say
They live in a universe all of their own,
Their partisan anger a cause for dismay
While the stolen election they relive every day.

When all's said and done I'm proud of my job
Obama's on side to bring me relief,
My one secret weapon to quieten the mob
Sharing the load to make my weeks brief.
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