Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Is this all there is?

Too old by half.
Just ask the media, ask their staff,
Obstinate may be
But surely that writing on the wall can they still see?

Politics not a game for laggards,
Granted some confuse that term with braggards;
Lithe and vibrant does one need be
When all the time their message is “look at me”.

Yes age brings wisdom, or so they say,
But every wise man knows when its’ past their day,
Those that persist divide in two,
The truly quite unique or those without a clue.

And so we ask ourselves where these two fall,
The one with tales galore, the other full of gall?
Should we persist while they decide our fate
Bad decisions festering until simply all too late?

Our democracy was built on toil and sweat
Vigor and ideals we never should forget,
Those that divide or seek self-grandeur
Are not the sort of folks we ever ought to pander.

If mediocrity is now the pattern of the day
We need act fast and make that needle sway,
Let's elect those with skill to lead and yet unite,
To send a message that entitlement we never shall abide.
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