Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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I won't be forgot. In Trump's own words

One last time
The stage is mine
The Media's stunned
That deal now canned.

What were they thinking
With clearly no inkling
I'd throw in a wrench
And create such a stench.

Congress in tatters
The Senate all flutters
Biden in hiding
With me still presiding.

As to those in the country
Needing such bounty
In my own time
I may give them a dime.

Some might well suffer
Just makes them far tougher
Christmas or not
I won't be forgot.

Bottom line folks
And this isn't a hoax
They robbed me this time
But the country's still mine

What's a few years
Watching Biden in tears
I'll show that has-been
By getting back in!
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