Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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Goodbye Queen Elizabeth

Majesty and Grace, Duty and Forbearance,
Yet who was the woman behind the smile,
A mother, wife whose youthful preference
To live a simpler life among the rolling hills of her beautiful green isle.

Yet fate plays games, it's choices rarely random,
In a time of need this girl it deftly summoned,
The world she knew requested to abandon
To fast become a Monarch worldly wise and seasoned.

She heard the call and from it she did not shrink,
Swearing to reign with wisdom and intent,
To her dying day to be that constant link
A caring hand, a guiding light, until her flame was spent.

Seventy summers so very fast went by,
Her presence always at our side,
Now she's gone and with Angels does she lie
Her soul at rest gently departed on an ebbing tide.

We will miss her, and yet in our hearts does she remain,
Memories of a truly special woman and a Queen,
Forever shall we the knowledge of her deeds retain,
History the judge of how truly special she has been.
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