Dr. Robert Ippaso

Naples, Florida
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A Simpler Life

In days of old
When Knights were bold
And wonder filled the sky;
A world more simple,
Eyes that would twinkle
As life passed slowly by and by.

Food that was real,
Few that would steal,
Neighbors knew each other’s name;
Faith that was strong,
Wrong was just wrong,
A worthy life the common aim.

Now we all run
In darkness and sun,
No time to ponder and think;
Each day so fast,
No moment will last
In our struggle to sink or to swim.

Where is the joy
The art to be coy,
When all is now but a swipe;
Is love but a thought
A thing to be bought,
Less important the truth than the hype.

Let’s learn to be real,
Know how to feel,
To talk, laugh and engage;
We’re here not for long,
Our love makes us strong,
A moral so right for this age.
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