Robert Chase

May 1968 - Erie, Pa
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Now I Know What It Is

Now I know what it is
Now I know why I have it
Now I know what to do
Now is the hardest part
Now is the hardest part
so far

You say I have great will power
Limiting my food
Limiting my drink
Strengthening and toning my body
These I find simple, now
that switch flipped
my motivation surfaced
It strengthens my will

You say I have great will power
You see now its limited
You see now I have weakness
Psychologically - Emotionally
I have damage
I have holes
Fear snarls in the darkness
Fear breathes its humid breath
on my throat

I know this dark beast well
We have met many times
He has tasted my blood
He has torn my flesh
I feel his teeth
I feel his claws
The blood starting to flow
I know I have to fight
I know I have to win
I know I cannot
do it alone

I need God
I want God
God, take this Fear from me!
You are strong, while I am weak
You are wise, while I am ignorant
You are all powerful, omnipotent, omnipresent
Unbounded by space or time
Pour your love over me

Save me!
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