Rob Luther

June 25, 1986 - Philadelphia
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Who Am I?

Who am I?

I am merely the Child of God
Given a second chance.
Nothing special except for the love
He pours into me daily–if not second by second.

I am nothing but the vapor–
Here today, gone tomorrow.
Yet I am at peace, as free
As the wind that blows across the open sea.

I am the child in awe
Of the masterpiece
My Father paints for us daily
When I’m finally willing to open my eyes.

I am the child who weeps
When I stop running long enough to read
His love letter to me
And the rest of the world.

I am the child who leans into His warm embrace
While He rests beside me
And whispers with pride, “You are my son.
Trust in the love I have for you.”

I am merely the Child of God
Given yet another chance
To hold His nail-scarred hand today
And walk from the darkness of self-doubt
Into the light of pure, unconditional love.
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