Richie Kharis

March 09, Nigeria
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Our World, Our pain, Our remedy

On one count in our world where remedies are wanted
Yet vessels are found with no still soul
So much Pain is communicated in silence within the nation
but only among the likes that can understand its notion

The birds are crying for their safety yet standing on a dying tree
The fetus is kicking in the womb of a mother seeking a hideout at gunpoint
The children are struggling to sleep while their parents stand and watch
The authorities are calling for votes from a hungry nation with no peaceful homes

Where do we go from here?
What can we do to end the suffering and instill peace?
How can we stop the crying voice with a heavy heart?
When will the day stay forever?

Tell me the remedy to a painful heart where laughter can no longer make it smile?
Spell out the remedy for those wet eyes that beauty can no longer stop its drop?
Can you tell the remedy to a sad soul that music can no longer feed?
The rhythm is lost, yet the heart keeps dancing endlessly.

Let’s match the tone of love
Love can make the poor forget who they are
Let’s match the tone of love
For love can put away pride and the taste for violence
Let’s make this place our home again
By standing for others and standing with no ulterior motive
For the world revolves around and tomorrow is unknown
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