Richie Kharis

March 09, Nigeria
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ONCE A LOVER, NOW A DEVIL by Richie Kharis

She told him "I hate you," but he took it as a joke
Her smile was deceiving and her voice was relieving
He only saw an angel with a figure like an eight
And never bothered to take note of her repeated joke

He told her, " Look, I love you—I'll take a blow for you."
But she looked at him smiling as if his words were untrue
Yes, I know, but I still hate you because that is what I do
Again, he waved, but this time those words came sinking through 
I see you working, defending me, and fighting for me
I never wanted this, but I knew the dark would come to be
Over the years, you kept thinking that I had agreed to this
But the fact is, I never loved your guts; I never loved you

His actions and wet eyes made her see him pure
He thought his childhood savior would be his future cure
But something can't be changed when it's already been done
Though he stood smiling, he was far gone for sure

Two years later, he was found wanting in the tavern
Playing hearts and breaking souls was his only mission 
He never cared about any feelings cause he had no reason 
was once a lover, but now a devil with no return
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